Website design and development in Cowley

Website design and development in Cowley


Website design in Cowley

Website design is required for website development, there can’t be website development without an effective and comprehensive website design, if you’re looking to develop a new website there’s many factors you must consider in that design such as meta tags, website content, website structure, how pages your website will have, what you want your website to achieve, AI integration on your website, internal backlinks in your website, pictures, website AMP, font the text will be, colour theme your website will have and many more factors that will have positive or negative impacts on your website development, customer conversion rate, search engine optimisation, website functionality and your websites ability to adapt and change to new Google algorithms and updates. It’s really important your website has a solid and well thought out design to ensure the development stage is as structured and fast as possible to get your website up and running.

Website development in Cowley

Website development is the implementation of website design it’s putting the design of your website into reality. Unlike website design, website development in Cowley requires a wider variety of skills such as coding using various languages, such as Java, Python, C#, PHP, Objective-C, SQL and C. The understanding of basic SEO principals and how they work, such as strong website content, topic specific titles and metatags and an understanding of how to obtain quality, high DA, niche relevant backlinks helps a lot. A strong understanding of how to structure the web pages in a way that bots can scan them and register the information on search engines, website design and development work hand in hand to ensure a high website conversion rate and first page rankings on Google, due to an improved user experience on your website and a higher rate of identification in the search engines.

Reasons to use for website design and development in Cowley

There’s many great reasons to use our company for your website design and development requirements in Cowley but so we don’t make you lose interest we’ll give you the main points.

  1. Our team have an outstanding understanding of SEO, this mean once we’ve created your website we’ll ensure its content is optimised in a way that will ensure your website ranks above your competition, on the first page of Google, this is really useful as you’ll see a quicker return on your investment in your website and you’ll get better brand recognition due to the enhanced SEO content that will be integrated into your websites design and we won’t make the common mistakes many website design companies make of using third party SEO providers that will spam your website with a high volume of low quality, low DA, non-niche relevant backlinks, harming your rankings on Google, potentially permanently due to the high spam score it will give your website.
  2. Our team take care of everything your online business and website requires, from choosing the correct domain, to connecting your social profiles, to providing SEO for your website, this will save business owners a lot of money, as they don’t have to outsource any work to other SEO providers which can increase costs significantly, furthermore as everything is dealt with by us it’s much easier to manage and pass over to you when you no longer require our services or if you choose to use an alternative service provider.
  3. Our team have a wealth of knowledge and experience in website design and development, this means you are guaranteed to have a great website design and development process because we understand all the steps we can take you through each step and give you regular updates so you know how your website is performing.
  4. If you’re a local business in Cowley looking for local website design and development services, then you should choose us, if we can rank websites on a local level how much more could we help you rank online for the keywords you desire. For local businesses offering their services to customers in Cowley, we can make up to 30 to 50 web pages depending on your service requirements, for example a tuition company in Cowley may want up to 50 web pages with titles such as maths tutor Cowley, English tutor Cowley, Science tutor Cowley, GCSE maths tutor Cowley, 11 plus maths tutor Cowley and so on. This means you have a specific page for each keyword you’d like to target and this will drive more traffic to your website, this is a very important factor that should be included in your websites design.
  5. Affordable website design and development in Cowley is one of our main priories, we don’t just provide a quality website design and development service but we also ensure our customers aren’t paying premium prices for local website design and development requests. This means you’ll see greater value in our online marketing services as not only will you be paying a fair price for your businesses online marketing, you’ll see fast results to ensure you make your money back and invest more in marketing and SEO for your website.
  6. Time. We’ll design and development your website within a week. will design and develop your website within a week of starting your project which means you can start promoting your website and ranking it online quicker than you might think.


As previously mentioned we take all our customers though the website design and development process, this means you’ll understand exactly what stage your websites design and development campaign is at and we’ll also give you the relevant tools to monitor your websites design and development such as Google analytics and google search console. This is really important as it helps businesses see the value in our service and invest more in our website design and development services. We’ll also provide a summary right now for you with some useful tips for those adventurous entrepreneurs who want to some of our website design and development methods out for themselves and not use a professional online marketing service providing website design and development with an integrated SEO service as standard.


We’ll provide a clear business description in your website design and development package in Cowley

Having a clear business description is useful for a variety of things including, helping customers to understand the service or product you’re offering them, helping Google bots and other search engine bots to identify what your website is offering and ranking you online, creating various internal backlinks on your website that will direct customers to other pages on your website, giving your site more organisation and greater SEO performance. Each individual page for your local or national SEO requirements will be optimised to rank for a specific keyword, if you’re a builder in Cowley for example, you’d have 30-50 pages the target different aspects of your services, an example would look like this, Builder in Cowley, painter in Cowley, house extensions in Cowley, loft conversion Cowley and so on, they different keywords we’ll target will depend on the keyword research carried by or the different services your business offers ideally you’d want each service you provide to have its own page targeting a specific keyword. So hopefully you can now understand the importance of having a clear and coherent business description has on your websites ranking and online performance. think of an excellent domain name for your website

If you’re a builder promoting your local services in Cowley we’d choose a domain name such as or if you are a painter it would be the same or and so on for whatever niche you require website design and development. Having a domain name is important for SEO but also for ensuring potential customers can identify what your website is offering them, ensure you have a clear domain and keep it as short as possible to ensure better brand recognition and better rankings, your domain can also be your business name however it doesn’t have to be, especially for local companies not branching out it’s better to include the area you’re targeting in the actual domain name.


Skengs will build you a brand new website with an excellent site map

Ensuring the structure of your websites sitemap is optimised for SEO is so important to ensure it can be indexed correctly on Google, this is included in our websites design and development services package we provide for clients in Cowley. Having a good sitemap means each page on your website will be recognised and seen by customers typing that phrase or keyword into the search engines.


We include a contact feature or page in your website design and development

Information collection is an important part of a website design, this can be done in a variety of different ways however a simple contact page is one of the most common ways to gather customer data so you can market your services to potential clients, most customers aren’t looking to buy services or products straight away, many are trying to get more information about how your service works, so having a contact page on your website is one of the quickest ways to get in touch with potential customers.


Having a review page is important to include in your websites design.

Having a review area, or page on your website is great for creating trust in customers, we’ll always have an area where you can showcase your clients and reviews to potential customers. Many search engines now include good reviews as a part of how they rank your website online so the more reviews the better!


Ensuring your website design has a clear objective and layout ensure the design of your website has a clear objective such as collecting customer information, getting payments, raising brand awareness. This is an important aspect of your websites design and will affect how your website is developed and subsequently the functionality of your website.


Website AMP and phone compatibility is always incorporated into your website design and development service

All our website design and development campaigns come with a mobile optimised version of your website, this increases your websites online visibility and SEO, ensuring your website has AMP is an integral part of modern website design and ensures your website will achieve better rankings in Google. Having poor mobile compatibility can also affect user experience as the percentage of people using mobiles to search for information the need to have a website compatible with all mobile phone and tablet devices.


Ensure you use a company that understands how to incorporate SEO into your websites design and development: A company like

Every aspect of your websites design and development should consider the effects it will have on your websites SEO and search engine rankings, use a company that specialise in SEO in addition to website design and development, in order to establish a clear and coherent website structure and content plan that will optimise your website for SEO. This will mean you see a quicker return on your online marketing investment while seeing the benefit having a website can bring to your business.


Skengs use new, unique and shareable content in your websites design and development

The type of content you decide to include in your website will have a significant effect on your conversion rates, online rankings, SEO, your websites ability to relay information to customers and how quickly your content will be shared. Content produced should be useful and shareable as part of your websites design, content marketing and how you’ll inject new content into your websites structure in a SEO friendly way is really important. Content should answer some if not all of the client’s questions and should allow them to understand how what service your providing, how your company is going to provide that service and how much the service will cost.


A secure hosting platform like Amazon or WordPress is essential to website development success

A secure hosting platform that is trusted by search engines helps boosts your websites SEO and will have greater trust in search engines, it’s also easier to include a HTTPS tag in your websites URL, which will again increase customer trust and search engine rankings.


A clear, SEO friendly design us essential to achieving success in your websites design and development

A clear design is really important, ensure your website is easy to navigate and that customers can find what they are looking for quickly, you can do this using different methods, content is king and after the recent Google updates in 2019, having excellent content on your website is even more important, business in Cowley should ensure their website has useful shareable content that their customers can understand and relate to.

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