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Why to use as your local SEO provider for Lampton

Are you a business looking for a top SEO company in Lampton? Whether your online marketing plans are big or small we have an excellent SEO service for all your SEO requirements. SEO or search engine optimisation is the term used to describe the process involved in achieving higher search engine rankings, SEO companies like can use their skills to rank business above their competitors in the search engine rankings. Businesses in Lampton that are looking for local SEO in Lampton should use if they want super-fast SEO ranking for their websites.

At we know just how to achieve first page ranking for our clients in Lampton and can rank websites for all business requirements, we use a variety of SEO methods to ensure our clients achieve first page ranking as soon as possible.


How Skengs rank you number one on Google

At Skengs we have a tried and tested method of ranking our clients in major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo on the first page. Understanding the entire concept of SEO and how it works, goes a long way in achieving this high level of ranking, using low value, irrelevant generates backlinks from cheap SEO tools is never the way to go, with this kind of SEO on the rise, it’s no wonder why so many companies are wasting money using a SEO service they don’t think hold any value, it’s important when using an SEO service such as ours, to understand the methods they are using to help rank your website, we are very open with our methods as we believe information should be free and specialist skills are still required to implement these SEO techniques.





We ensure our clients looking for SEO in Lampton have high quality, high DA, niche relevant backlinks referencing their site, there’s a variety of different ways of doing this however the result is what’s most important, as far as backlinks go, this is simply ensuring we have as many relevant backlinks as possible pointing to your website. ensure we only provide you with the best possible backlinks as we understand that low quality generated links can do more harm than good.

Understanding how SEO works

This may seem amusing to most people reading this however it’s a reality that most SEO companies don’t actually know the best way to rank websites and pages on the first page of Google, they spend so much time using quick fix SEO methods in order to achieve first page rankings for their clients, our SEO methods are so well thought out that it’s very easy to rank our clients first in the search engines, this is mainly because are information is seen as helpful and relevant by Google, people will therefore stay on our web page longer as it’s benefiting them and this will ensure we rank higher in the search engines.

Local SEO for Lampton vs national SEO for the UK

Understanding client’s requirements is essential and knowing if they want to target customers in a specific region such as Lampton or if you want to target clients all over the UK. Once a client’s SEO requirements have been clearly understood we begin the process of making website pages for the specific keywords you want to target.

Keyword research

One of the most important aspects of SEO has to be keyword research, how will you try and rank for a keyword without knowing your competition and the timescale required to achieve first page ranking, if someone wants rank for a high volume, high competition keyword that will be quite expensive to get to number one on Google, therefore choosing a lower volume, lower competition keyword can be a faster, cheaper and much more beneficial way to help rank for a harder keyword much faster than normal, while at the same ensuring client requirements are still being maintained. We understand how to search for popular local keywords that have low competition helping you rank further above the competition.

Valuable SEO content

Having a high volume of valuable SEO content on your page makes it more useful as your giving customers more information, more customers will stay on your page for longer and your page will be more relevant, as it’s providing customers with useful information. This is content marketing in a sense however the aim is to achieve first page ranking, so instead of using content marketing directly to gain a sale, it’s being used to rank your webpage number one for the specific keyword you’re targeting. Customers who have a better understanding of how the internet works and why it was created will have a better understanding of the ranking factors used for SEO.

Internal backlinks

Internal backlinks are important to help users navigate around your site and to important pages in your website, furthermore internal backlinks give your website a substantial amount of link juice, a term used to describe how links increase your ranking in search engines, higher link juice would mean you’re more likely to rank higher in search engines. Google has also reduced the amount of importance it gave to external backlinks meaning the entire search engine optimisation process has become more dependent on website structure and internal backlinks because of this.

Meta Titles

Having specific page titles for the keywords you want to target are very important, the shorter the title, the more powerful the ranking for the specific keyword you’ve included in the title. Having more pages of higher quality is also a strong SEO ranking signal. Meta titles are very important as it tells Google and bots scanning your page about the topic of interest, if your meta title targets a low competition keyword then you can almost rank on the first page straight away and begin your journey to SEO success.

Dynamic page usage 

Ensuring pages are fit for purpose is very important, you have to consider your market and the type of people visiting your website, this will have an effect on your page’s SEO, as it will affect how long customers stay on your page. Have dynamic webpages that increase user experience satisfaction is certainly positive to achieve more dominant SEO rankings.

Mobile usability

Mobile usability on websites is another major SEO ranking factor, whether you’re trying to rank locally in Lampton or on a national level, it’s important users can navigate through your website easily. We provide users with great experience whether they’re on the computer, tablet or mobile. It’s logical to think that not everyone used a laptop or computer to find things on the internet, therefore it’s reasonable to say websites that can interact with multiple user devices (phones, tablet, PC) should have higher search engine rankings.

Domain age and URL

Domain age and the URL can also affect how you rank online, domain age is the dominant of the two, older domains that have been on the internet for longer periods of time tend to have better ranking than newer, less established URLS. It’s like a business, people have more trust in businesses that have been around for longer and that are more well established, compared to a newer smaller company who has just started out.

Optimised content 

Ensuring all your content is fully optimised and SEO ready is an essential aspect to SEO, this helps ensure you rank ahead of your competition for various keywords. Sites can have pictures, titles, text and interactive features that all need to be optimised to achieve first page ranking. Content is also a very important aspect and a lot of websites suffer in the rankings from a lack of quality content, high ranking websites often have an abundance of useful content that users will find helpful and/or engaging, understanding the type of users that will be interacting with your website is really important as this will help you design and market according to that particular type of user.

Page speed

Having rapid page speed makes a significant difference when bots scan your websites pages and decide where to rank your website, ensuring you have a fast page speed with a short load time goes a long way in putting you above your competition. It means people can access your information quicker and you guessed, better user experience is better for SEO.

Secure website with HTTPS for SEO

Ensuring your website is secure means it will have a high ranking, this means it having a HTTPS tag to ensure your websites trust rating is higher for potential customers. Bots give your website a higher trust rating meaning it isn’t seen as a malicious website that could potentially give your users a virus. There many ways to install a HTTPS mark on your website to help boost your SEO.