Leading the way in SEO and online marketing with our innovative new techniques and SEO methods.

our SEO Promise

Quality backlinking

When using our SEO service you should know we'll online ensure quality backlinks are used to help rank you online, we'll provide you with weekly SEO updates on your websites progress.

being consistent but different

SKENGS ensure our SEO service includes everything you'd get in a normal SEO service but much, much more...

Never missing a thing

We always take all your SEO service requirements on board and ensure we do what any SEO company should, by producing a campaign that is tailored for the specific needs of the client. YOU.

companies we've worked with

Ranking your website with our helpful SEO service isn’t only something we offer but due to our effective SEO methods we can provide a rapid SEO service, ranking you for your desired keywords quickly and easily. It’s so easy we’ll be making SEO videos to help you rank your own site from the 30th of January 2020.


Jan 2020

Our services


You’ll be eligible for a weekly consultation upon signing up.


We’ll provide you with high quality, niche relevant backlinks to help rank your website.


Outstanding SEO content for your website, hand made by SEO experts.

Keyword research

Doing the right SEO keyword research to ensure maximum ranking for your website.


SEO analytics is important to understand how exactly our SEO work is helping your website.


Having the right SEO strategy is important for achieving first page ranking.

Choose your SEO

Local SEO

Local SEO for small business, with the desire to attain more clients nearby.

Nationwide SEO

National SEO for larger business trying to increase their reach and maximize on their investment.

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