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Find affordable SEO services in London. We provide businesses in London with an affordable SEO solution.

SEO Features

Read about what makes our SEO service so special.

On-page SEO

Our on page-SEO is everything we can do on the website to help increase it's Google SEO rankings. One-page SEO consists of content optimisation, meta tag optimisation and title tag optimisation.

Off-page SEO

Our off page SEO primarily consists of the quality and volume of external backlinks we provide for your website. The better quality and niche specific backlinks we have the greater your online rankings will be.

Title Tag Optimisation

The title tag allows bots scanning your page to understand what your page is about, it's really important this aspect of your website is right, having the right title tags will dictate what keyword Google decides to rank your page for.

Meta Tag Optimisation

The meta tags we use in the pages description help Google bots determine what sub-category your page should rank for, it helps give more specific information in regards to your title tag and is very important to establish what SEO content is going to be on your page.


Ensuring your H1, H2, H3, H4 and H5 headings are clear and purposeful on each page is really important so Google can understand your content better and how your content is structured. Contact us today for more information regarding how Heading tags can effect your ranking.

URL Optimisation

Having keywords in your URL is important for keyword ranking so at we ensure every single url on your website has meaning and purpose. This means you can rank for more keywords and reach more potential customers online. Find out more today.

Record Time

We'll produce a quality website that meets your requirements in record time.


We will provide you with an affordable website design and development service.

Bright Ideas

We'll suggest some smart ideas that could help you with your website project.

Image Optimisation and Atl Tags

Optimise images for the best SEO results. Describe each image on your page and optimise it for the best SEO results. Images can appear in Google images which can help bring more people to your website. Contact us to find out about our SEO services and how we can help you with your SEO requirements today.

SEO Content

Your content is your most valuable asset, it determines the value of your website and how long a visitor will stay on your website (screen-time), which also boosts your SEO rankings. Google wants users to be able to type in information and find what they're looking for quickly so it makes sense to have quality, niche relevant and helpful content on your website.

AMP Mobile Usability

More and more website visitors access websites via mobile devices, ensuring your website is compatible and optimised for mobile and tablet devices will help boost your rankings on Google as it will improve your websites usability and user experience. Ensuring your website interacts well on mobile devices is key for your online rankings.

Learn about SEO

About SEO

Website design is the design of how the website will look and work. Website development is the implementation of the website design. Most companies offering to develop a website for you will provide both website design and development services

We provide exceptional website design and development services. We desing and develop your website in a way that ensures it’s optimized for SEO meaning you’re website will generate some clicks organically from the SEO content we’ll out on your website.

We think about SEO when designing and developing your website so your online rankings aren’t badly effected. Contact us today for more information about how we provide a helpful website design and development service.

our SEO Promise

Quality backlinking

When using our SEO service you should know we'll online ensure quality backlinks are used to help rank you online, we'll provide you with weekly SEO updates on your websites progress.

being consistent but different

SKENGS ensure our SEO service includes everything you'd get in a normal SEO service but much, much more...

Never missing a thing

We always take all your SEO service requirements on board and ensure we do what any SEO company should, by producing a campaign that is tailored for the specific needs of the client. YOU.

Our services


You’ll be eligible for a weekly consultation upon signing up.


We’ll provide you with high quality, niche relevant backlinks to help rank your website.


Outstanding SEO content for your website, hand made by SEO experts.

Keyword research

Doing the right SEO keyword research to ensure maximum ranking for your website.


SEO analytics is important to understand how exactly our SEO work is helping your website.


Having the right SEO strategy is important for achieving first page ranking.

User Experience

The more actions a website visitor takes and how long thy stay on your website is all recorded by Google (Google analytics) so these are factors the Google use to determine the usefulness of your website.

Page speed optimisation

Ensuring your page has a fast load time is important as pages with slow load times tend to have higher bounce rates, rates in which a user clicks of your site within 5-10 seconds on visiting your website, high bounce rates can damage your search engine rankings greatly.

Internal linking structure

Ensuring you have a quality internal linking structure for your website is good for boosting your SEO rankings, the better the internal linking structure the greater your rankings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before asking any questions, take a look at some of our FAQ and see if any questions look similar to yours.

A basic website for a local business with simple requirements would cost no more than £600. This would include a full SEO optimized website with SEO content and a well structured website design.

Having more pages, integrating API or systems onto your website, or any extra requirements that would require more work for the website to be completed would increase the cost of the website design and development but not necessarily a substantial amount. 

A simple 5-10 page website would take 2-3 weeks to design and develop on average but depending on the workload of the developer, this could be much quicker. 

Mobile Phone Compatibility

We'll ensure your website interacts well on a desktop, tablet or mobile. This helps provide a better user experience for your potential customers and ensures your SEO rankings remain in good order.